Monday, 16 September 2013

Munch Munch..

Today we gave Dylan his first try at food :) it went straight into his mouth! He was a little shocked by it :) bless him. He enjoyed having a good play around with lots of different foods now! So I'm sure there will be some more mucky photos to come.........

Saturday, 14 September 2013

My little girl starts big school!

Freya is now officially a school girl!! Not preschool - 'big school'!! Not sure when she got so big!! So all three girls now go to school and Ryan goes to preschool.  The kiddies are all getting so big!!

She loves it and has so much fun! Bless her x

Our summer of fun!

The kids are back at school now and the summer holidays seem a distant past :( So thought I would do a little update of a few things we have been up to over the holidays. Sorry for the over load of pictures :)

We had a few trips to different country parks.  Kian and Ryan can make a gun out if anything!

A trip or two to our local park and a few goes on the skateboard ramp - which resulted in lots of splinters!!!
 A camping trip in our new tent!! We went to Hemsby for the night so the kids had to have a trip into town and go on the cars and play on the 2p machines.  Which was enjoyed by all. We hope that we will be able to get away lots in the tent next summer.

We had a trip to the farm to see grandad on his combine.  The kids all love seeing the combine but Kian and Freya didn't want a ride on it so stayed with me and we say in the tractor.  Kian must have enjoyed it and he looks a bit tired out!  The kids love climbing in all the corn and rolling back down again!

More parks :)

A trip to the farm to pay in the paddling pool and the bigger two girls had some fun playing badminton. 

A day trip to the sea side!  The kids enjoyed having their dinner in the dolphin.  Also of course another trip to a park!

Fairing and Bethany also had a trip to watch Saints play Rugby.  They met the mascot at half time.  Caitlin also had a day trip to London and a trip to watch Spurs pay.  

And then there were six......

Been awhile again but I've been busy growing no6! His name is Dylan and he is of course another cutie :) Now we have levelled out the girls verses boys so keep getting the big question "any more?" Well everyone will just have to wait and see :) ....................For now enjoy some yummy pics of my newest little cutie pie x love him x

Friday, 20 July 2012

Being quiet.......

This is what my little monkeys get up too when they are being quiet……..I really should learn that they will be doing SOMETHING naughty/silly/messy when they are being quiet!! J

This is Freya having done ‘facepaints’ on Ryan with the pens while doing some colouring…..

And this is what the two of them think is how you do painting lol. It has to include some on face, hands or any other body part that takes there fancy at that moment. They did do some nice paintings that are now on my fridge though J

Spitting image??

My kids all look very similar indeed, This picture is off Bethany a few years ago when she was about 3. She looks the spitting image of what Freya looks like now! The baby pictures are really hard to tell the different between all 5 of them!! I really need to make sure we have the names on the back of ALL pictures…..

This is Freya not too long ago......

Time for the big boy bed!

Ryan keeps climbing out of his cot!! He is a little pro at it now so last week Lee has changed his bed into a ‘big boy bed’ He is so happy to be in his big bed now. We are currently trying to redecorate his bedroom before we move Kian into the room. So last week Lee started to strip the wall paper – only for the plaster to start coming down with it!! So Lee decided to give plastering a try! It turns out he is pretty good at it as the one wall now looks nice new and fresh!! I don’t think Lee now realises that I’m going to want him to re-plaster the WHOLE house J

This is Ryan snuggled in his 'big boy bed'