Friday, 9 March 2012

Dancing Minnie

Bethany LOVES Minnie Mouse (as does Freya) and this week she keeps dressing up and doing her dancing around the living room!! She loves it! I am going to look into a dance class for her as she really would enjoy it and no longer wants to do football like Caitlin.Oh and the pics shows the new carpet Lee has laid! Its quiet nice and we normally only have plain so its a bit different then we are used to but I really like it.
This week I have also taken the girls swimming. Its the first time I have taken Freya as well since we went on holiday last year!! She really enjoyed it. She was a bit weary when we were out of her depth and just clung onto me but when she could touch the ground she was going mad. It was also a great time for the girls to show me some of there new skills they have learnt in their lessons. They really are coming on so well.

Saturday, 3 March 2012

We have a little crawler and standing boy.

Well this is Kians new trick!! And as you can see he is VERY happy with himself. He did it yesterday and then now all day today he keeps on doing it - on the fireguard, sofa or even trying to grab his sisters and use them to get to standing. He has been crawling for a few weeks now and he speeds around the house now. He is the first of our babies to go straight to all fours crawling. The others have done the army commando style crawl for a while before picking up the all 4 crawl which is faster.  

 Above is a very rare pic of me!! Also Lee was reading books with the kids and Ryan took himself off and sat on his own little seat (A bit of carpet that Lee is still to fit!!) and enjoyed his book by himself. I think he looks a little cutie so thought I would add it.

 Look at my very cheeky monkeys!! I have a good few pics like this as they seem to think the best way to pose is to stick there tongue out at me.

The kiddies built a 'den' in the bedroom and had to sleep in it for a few nights. They loved it and they wanted Ryan to stay in with them but they soon asked if he could go into his own room and he just kept climbing on them and ruling the 'den'.