Saturday, 30 June 2012

Wet and horrible camping......

cartoon picture of tent in the rain

Poor Caitlin is on her first camping trip tonight (Well first since she was about 8 mths old) and its horrible and we have been having some very heavy rain showers all afternoon. She has gone with one of her good friends as it was her birthday midweek and this is her party! So there are a few girls - poor things. Im sure they will be fine and still be having lots of fun and shrieking :)

Will find out tomorrow just how wet they all got..........

Two of my cheeky little monkeys.

Today my 2 little monkeys have been full of beans! They have been full of giggles and been getting up to all sorts! I have a few pics on my phone which I wanted to upload but Google is being slow uploading (prob my phone not google) So will try and upload them to this post tomorrow when I have it all sorted (fingers crossed) x
Yeah Ive worked it out and can now add pics from my phone :) So here they are in the shops yesterday and also at swimming lessons (Caitlin and Bethanys swimming lesson while we watch)


Hello well we have been a busy family since I last posted a update. We have been having lots of fun including 2 holidays :)

In April we went to California Cliffs Park Caravan site and we had such a good time!! We managed to get a good cheap deal on this holiday so wasn't expecting the caravan to be anything spectacular. But it was really big and didn't feel cramped - especially with all our brood. We had a 3 bed caravan but when we got there we had to have a big sort around and try and fit 2 travel cots in. The people were lovely and came and took out some beds for us so we could organise it all. Me and Lee ended up sleeping in the living area so that we could arrange the kids in the best way so we all got the most sleep :) It was a little chilly over night though in the living room but I wasn't to bad as managed to nick the second duvet but poor lee felt the cold for them few nights.

Betahny Enjoyed chilling out on my bed :)

While Caitlin and Daddy enjoyed relaxing on the sofa reading the newspaper on the other half of the sofa/bed...

On site they had lots for the kiddies to do. Ours enjoyed the park. It was very challenging for the older two who wanted to spend hours in there. The evening entertainment was also really good and Bethany loved the disco and the kids entertainment. While Caitlin just wanted to try and win things on the 2p machines.... The swimming pool was nice as well (the outdoor one was shut when we went - tooo cooollldddd) Caitlin and Bethany loved being able to show Daddy how much better they are getting at swimming. Even RYAN got in the pool!! Which was a major event for the holiday! He has hated any kind of water and screamed the whole time through every bath time for the late year +. But he did pop his little legs in - would go in any further but it was a great thing to watch him build his confidence a little. Anyway I think the swimming took it out of Kian as this is how he ended his lunch afterwards :)

We couldn't go near the seaside without a trip to the beach - the wind and cold wasn't going to stop us :) It actually wasn't to bad with a jumper on. We built sandcastles, buried Bethany in the sand, slid down the sand dunes and of course had a little paddle in the sea -very very cold.

We took a few trips into Hemsby. All the arcades and little rides can keep our lot busy for ages (and be the quickest way to empty our wallet! :) ) The kids found a nice little car racing one. Which as we are all F1 fans and the kids always have to watch they of course wanted a go.

So what harm could it cause???

Poor Bethany managed to hit a man who was standing near the middle. He went flying over the bonnet and squashed her! Lucky they were both ok as he did go flying to the floor. You can see how tight she has shut her eyes and she could see it coming. Silly man shouldn't have really still been on the track as there is signs all around but poor Bethany was a little shocked and crying but she would not get out of her car as she didn't want to lose that colour car! <3

We also went to 'The Dolphin' which Lee used to go many a times when he was a little boy and every time we go up to hemsby we have to pop in for a drink and some food. This year Caitlin enjoyed practising her Pool playing. She is really getting the hang of it. (not sure what the face on me is all about)

Such a long and picture heavy post. But we had a fantastic holiday and ill leave it now with a picture of me and my five kids - my world :)

Will do another post sometime to tell all about our other holiday.