Tuesday, 20 October 2009

I love this pic of my three girls in there

'den' all together :) with all there teddies. Bless them. Well today poor little bethany has been a bit tired as she has this horrible cough which has been keeping her up all night. So she stayed home with me today and had a quiet day in. Hope she is better tonight bless her.

Caitlin went to Beavers again tonight, she gets a bit upset and shy when we first go but then she was doing the games etc and when i picked her up she said she had good fun. We will get her uniform over the holidays and see about her doing her 'promise' so that she will be a real Beaver. She is still going to do Rainbows aswell.

Tomorrow Freya has her injections poor little one. Hope she will be ok.


Monday, 19 October 2009

so so so bad :(

I am not very good at updating this!!! opps. i will try harder......

Anyway since i last updated we have started Weaning Freya - we are going for the Baby Led Weaning route. I am not going to stick to it 100% as sometimes I'm sure ill have to spoon feed her or something. She is doing sooo well has most things and does try them. She loves toast think its her fav at the moe. here is a pic of her making loads of mess and enjoying some chesse and bread....

Caitlin and Bethany are doing so well aswell. We went for a trip round the school today for Bethany starting school (!!!!!!! she is to small :) !!!!!!!!!!) Caitlin loved seeing us come to her class room and showing us what she was doing and Bethany loved running round the playground etc. I bet she will love school when she goes.

Bethany is getting really good with her talking now - she is such a cutie and a bossy one - shouting 'mummy talk to me' and cheeky hings like that.

The pregnancy is going well. I'm about 14 weeks now and we have booked a private scan for the 31st so that the girls can come along. Caitlin is so interested and wanted to come to the hospital one but they do not let kids in. It will be nice to see baby again. Hope its all going well.

sorted out how to add photos so will try and keep putting a few on here. Of to bed now as im sooo tired and the girls will be up early im sure x

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

been a while...

OMG it has taken me ages to update on here...... We got a new laptop and i couldn't remember this website or the password etc and it has taken me this long to look it all up and get a new password sorted out :(

Anyway what have we been up to....lots!! We have been to the Zoo - was a lovely day out me and the girls went with my mum and Phil. The girls loved it and i had a great time as well, there was a baby elephant and all Bethany kept going on about for ages was the baby elephant...bless her.
Freya can now roll over. She first did it on the 5th Sept when she was nearly 22 weeks. Now she is doing it all the time but sometimes she gets upset that she cant move back on to her back. She can sometimes do it but when she cant she gets so upset. She keeps waking at about 5am at the moe - not sure if its because she is hungry but she doesn't seem to hungry in the day so i am still waiting for a while before giving her food. I want to do Baby Led Weaning (BLW) have looked into it lots and Bethany was nearly BLW as she decided to refuse a spoon from 7 mths so only ate finger foods. I think it will be lovely for her to sit with the rest of us and eat what we are eating at the same time as us....

Yesterday I heard the babies heartbeat. It took ages to find it and we lost it again soon so I think baby is still small but we heard it so im happy as it means at the moe baby is doing ok. We have our scan booked for the 30th Sept - i cant wait i just want to see the baby is fine.

I have been thinking about doing a open college course in Child Psychology. I think people might think its a weird choice but I defiantly want to work with children (one day when my kiddies are at school) so doing a course now will give me a head start when i want to return to work. I also think Child Psychology will be really interesting for bringing up my girls.... It is expensive so will have to look into it more and decide if i really will enjoy it and if i can afford it. Also when will be the best time to do the course? Also there is to different ones that i have seen and are different levels one is a level3 and is the equivalent to a A level and one is a diploma and is level 4. So need to think should I go for the more advanced one or stick to the easier one - which also requires less study time???????????

We have booked Caitlin's Party for her birthday and she is having it at Pizza Hut on the evening of her birthday. She is looking forward to it. We are getting her a hamster - we have all the cage and bits ready but will wait till the day before to get the hamster.

We have been up to lots more but i cant go on all night :)

Will try be back on tomorrow. It's Bethany's First day at preschool tomorrow and she is really looking forward to it - I hope she has fun.

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

baby no4

Had a bit of a hectic day today! This morning I have had some bleeding- not lots but because I have had some miscarriages in the past ofcourse I worried a little.... went to the drs and they arranged for me to go to the hospital epu. I got Lee to come home and managed to get somebody to look after Caitlin and Somebody else to look after Bethany so we only had Freya. We sat waiting for ages - the only people in the room and nobody about (we found out later we turned up just at the beginning of lunch so had to wait 1.5hrs before any body came back....) Anyway I was scanned and we got to see our little flashing baby/blob :) baby is tiny and I am less then the drs think - but I thought I might have been just under 6 weeks and that is what the scan was showing. So fingers crossed everything will be ok.

After we got the girls we wanted to make them most of Lee not being at work so we went for dinner at Pizza Hut!! It was yummy and the girls loved it! they even had a pudding and Bethany had the biggest ice-cream and was trying soooo hard to finish it but just couldn't make it! Caitlin had pancakes and me and Lee shared a cookie and ice cream pudding!! was sooo yummy :) We used the money dad gave us as he said get the girls something but im sure he wont mind that we treated them after a very stressful day - and it was really nice to spend some time together as a family - So thanks dad xx I will put whats left towards a highchair for Freya...

I am so tired today - I fell asleep for a bit on the bed when putting Freya to bed, Bethany fell asleep on he sofa so I think she had a busy time at her friends. so I am going to do the bottles and go to bed......

Monday, 24 August 2009

monday 24th - first update :)

OK so its very late and i should be in bed but i thought i better start as i mean to go on and do a little update of what we have been up to....

This weekend we had one of my oldest friend wedding - it was a lovely day and she looked soooo happy. The girls were well behaved and i was very proud of them :) Freya made a little noise in the church and the girls did start to get board in the church after a while - but they were good. Caitlin was very grumpy when we first got the the reception and it was because she was sooo hungry - she likes her food (and it was about 3 and i hadnt given them any lunch - bad mummy!). My mum got her a little tub of pringles and that cheered her up a little and as soon as she had her dinner she was much better. We then took them back to Lee's parents and went back to the reception. The girls were good and went to bed when nanny asked (as far as we were told...so i hope they were...) We stayed at the inlaws for a while on sunday which was nice and nanny took the big girls to the park for a while and let me rest with Freya as she was having a nap - the wedding really took it out of me and i was so tired!

Today we have been busy, i got some phone books this morning which i need to deliver - its in the village we live in so not to bad.... this afternoon Caitlin had her friend Emily round to play, the girls were really good and played nicely! Then we had my aunt and uncle round and also my cousin Sapphire. They hadnt seen Freya since she was born and also Bethany since her birthday so they had some presents for the girls - which they loved ofcourse! Will try and do a thank you card as i am usless at doing them grrr....
Then Dad came round and I made a curry which Dad had some of aswell, its nice to spend time with him and the girls love playing with him. He gave me £50 to get the girls some bits, the big ones need some trainers and i need to get a highchair for Freya soon, so might put it towards these bits. The highchaire i was think of getting the ikea cheep one as everybody goes on about it and its only £15 so cant go wrong really.....

Anyway better go to bed as im sure the girls will be up nice and early xx

A little intro

Well I wanted to start up this blog so i can keep a note of all the things my girls are up to and so we can look back at how they are growing up. I am a mummy to my three lovely girls, i am a full time housewife/mummy to them and i love staying at home with them! most of my time is spent looking after them and free time is on the internet etc... i do a few things like surveys etc to try and get a little extra money to help with birthdays and xmas!

I have three little girls at the moment, Caitlin is my eldest she will be six next month - oh it goes far to fast!!! She loves school and normal things every 5 yr old loves! Her fave at the moment is to do colouring - she would sit for hours just doing pictures etc. She can be a little cheeky and bossy one but mostly she is a good girl and very good at helping her little sisters. My middle Daughter is Bethany she was two in January and is a very sweet little one (like all my girllies - but i might be biase!!lol) She looks up to her sister so much and likes to do what Caitlin does and also likes to help with 'my Freya' She misses Caitlin when she is not around but loves to go to toddle groups etc and is not shy at all - she will go of and not really worry about if i am there or not! My little baby if Freya and she was born in April so is 4 mths old, she is a good little baby - sleeps well putting on weight as she should and very happy! Always giving little smiles especially when her sisters are playing with her! She is very nearly rolling over now! She managed to get on her front the other day but she was on her mat so we think she was helped by the fall of the side and she hasn't been able to do it again......but I'm sure it will be anytime soon........

We are also expecting no4!! this little baby will be due next April when Freya will be one - will be so lovely to have such a nice small age gap! I just hope that everything ends up ok as i have had a few miscarriages so we are slightly worried and will be till we get to see our little on on the screen and know s/he is ok.....

And lastly i have my lovely husband Lee - he is a great daddy and husband. He works hard and some long hours. The girls completely love him and get so excited when he comes home - which i guess can be tiring after a long day at work to come home to some hyper girls!! :)

And that's all about us! my not so little intro.... I will try and update this blog as often as i can as i would love to keep a track of all we are up to..