Tuesday, 25 August 2009

baby no4

Had a bit of a hectic day today! This morning I have had some bleeding- not lots but because I have had some miscarriages in the past ofcourse I worried a little.... went to the drs and they arranged for me to go to the hospital epu. I got Lee to come home and managed to get somebody to look after Caitlin and Somebody else to look after Bethany so we only had Freya. We sat waiting for ages - the only people in the room and nobody about (we found out later we turned up just at the beginning of lunch so had to wait 1.5hrs before any body came back....) Anyway I was scanned and we got to see our little flashing baby/blob :) baby is tiny and I am less then the drs think - but I thought I might have been just under 6 weeks and that is what the scan was showing. So fingers crossed everything will be ok.

After we got the girls we wanted to make them most of Lee not being at work so we went for dinner at Pizza Hut!! It was yummy and the girls loved it! they even had a pudding and Bethany had the biggest ice-cream and was trying soooo hard to finish it but just couldn't make it! Caitlin had pancakes and me and Lee shared a cookie and ice cream pudding!! was sooo yummy :) We used the money dad gave us as he said get the girls something but im sure he wont mind that we treated them after a very stressful day - and it was really nice to spend some time together as a family - So thanks dad xx I will put whats left towards a highchair for Freya...

I am so tired today - I fell asleep for a bit on the bed when putting Freya to bed, Bethany fell asleep on he sofa so I think she had a busy time at her friends. so I am going to do the bottles and go to bed......

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