Monday, 24 August 2009

A little intro

Well I wanted to start up this blog so i can keep a note of all the things my girls are up to and so we can look back at how they are growing up. I am a mummy to my three lovely girls, i am a full time housewife/mummy to them and i love staying at home with them! most of my time is spent looking after them and free time is on the internet etc... i do a few things like surveys etc to try and get a little extra money to help with birthdays and xmas!

I have three little girls at the moment, Caitlin is my eldest she will be six next month - oh it goes far to fast!!! She loves school and normal things every 5 yr old loves! Her fave at the moment is to do colouring - she would sit for hours just doing pictures etc. She can be a little cheeky and bossy one but mostly she is a good girl and very good at helping her little sisters. My middle Daughter is Bethany she was two in January and is a very sweet little one (like all my girllies - but i might be biase!!lol) She looks up to her sister so much and likes to do what Caitlin does and also likes to help with 'my Freya' She misses Caitlin when she is not around but loves to go to toddle groups etc and is not shy at all - she will go of and not really worry about if i am there or not! My little baby if Freya and she was born in April so is 4 mths old, she is a good little baby - sleeps well putting on weight as she should and very happy! Always giving little smiles especially when her sisters are playing with her! She is very nearly rolling over now! She managed to get on her front the other day but she was on her mat so we think she was helped by the fall of the side and she hasn't been able to do it again......but I'm sure it will be anytime soon........

We are also expecting no4!! this little baby will be due next April when Freya will be one - will be so lovely to have such a nice small age gap! I just hope that everything ends up ok as i have had a few miscarriages so we are slightly worried and will be till we get to see our little on on the screen and know s/he is ok.....

And lastly i have my lovely husband Lee - he is a great daddy and husband. He works hard and some long hours. The girls completely love him and get so excited when he comes home - which i guess can be tiring after a long day at work to come home to some hyper girls!! :)

And that's all about us! my not so little intro.... I will try and update this blog as often as i can as i would love to keep a track of all we are up to..

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