Saturday, 10 September 2011

Our BIG girl Bethany starts big school....

Well we now have two school girls! I cant believe our little Bethany has now started big school!!! She seems to love it. She looks a little startled in this pic :)

I think she loves that now she is like her big sister. They go for half a day for a while which I think is good for her and is letting her settle in well before they get completly tired out from full days.
They do have a school trip soon which will be a full day and she is soooo excited to be going on a big coach like Caitlin does.

The girls have been away last night and today with there nanny and grandad. They went to Drayton manor they had a great time! But were a little frightened of a couple of the rides. They really enjoyed seeing the animals and some of the smaller rides but there is one ride which they keep going on about how scary it was!! Bless them.
Me Lee and the boys have had a quiet time - and it really seemed quiet without our girls around! Last night we went for a aroma which was very yummy and we both felt very full after as its all you can eat chinesse. Today we went shopping to try and get me some new clothes.....but didnt come home with any!! I have got 'zumba' on the Wii which is ment to be good. I have zero coordination so Im guessing Lee had a good laugh when I tried it out earlier!!!

We have also recently brought a new camera - its this one . So we have lots of lovely new photos of the kids!! So thought I would pop some up on here. Just because I love piccies of my kiddies.

 My very Cheeky looking Freya :) Who is just such a sweetie in this pic.
 Ryan being a cutie playing in the hall (and causing mayhem as they all do!)

Well looks like thats all I can add tonight as my computer has decided its had enough!! Wanted to pop some more pics on so will try and get some more of the bigger girls on tomorrow. We are having a nice quiet day in the house tomorrow as I think the girls need it after there busy busy day Caitlin and Lee want to watch the Grand Prix (and shhh dont tell them but so do I :) )

Thursday, 25 August 2011

A day of a few 1st's

Well today has been a quiet in the house day! The kids were tired so we just stayed in and played all day :)
Freya decided that today she didn't want a nappy on and wanted to run around naked all afternoon!! Bless her. So I went with it and told her where the potty was etc. She kept running and sitting on the potty and then running away again but one time this afternoon she did a wee!! She was soooo happy with herself lol. So maybe its the start of the potty :) Which is great - but will be a sad day when it comes to getting rid of all the pretty pink nappies.
Kian had his first bath in the big bath with his sisters tonight!! HE loved it and was looking at Bethany and Freya all the time! So much better then the screaming I still get every time I try and give Ryan a bath!!
Caitlin and Lee did go to football training this evening. Which Caitlin really enjoyed especially as she got the trophy for the week as she was playing well.
Plan for tomorrow is the park and a picnic so lets hope the weather holds out......

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Larger Family Life.

I love having my big family! I love that my house is always full of happiness as well as all the noise! I have always thought I would love kids since I was a little girl and thought that I would like to have a few children. Lee is one of 2 kids and he always thought that's what he would like so said when I was pregnant with no2 that he was happy to stop there - but as soon as Bethany was born we soon both realised that we wanted more children! We soon started ttc again and fell pregnant very quickly - But unfortunately it ended in another miscarriage. Ive been pregnant 8 times and have been unlucky to have 3 miscarriages. They really do change your whole outlook on children and how lucky you are to be able to have them.
Most people that I know think we are mad and why do we have so many kids so close together - because we are blessed and very lucky to have them! So when I read about people who also have big families and how there thoughts and feelings on big families are the same as mine I get very excited :). Last night when I was reading some other peoples blogs I came across this Blog Which I spent ages reading. Really lovely to have the same views and to see a happy LARGE family. They have just released a new book which looks a fab read. I had a look on amazon and read up about the book and it looks a really good read! Tania is giving away one copy of their book and I would love to be able to have a read and look into their life's. If you fond yourself interested in looking into large family life's or you have a big family then her Blog is worth popping over too.

Monday, 22 August 2011

Another year another baby :)

Well its been a year since I last posted (really must keep up with this blogging!!) and we have another little baby to add to our brood.
Meet Kian Walker
A new little brother to help even out the numbers :) He is just perfect like his brother and sisters. The girls just love him! and little Ryan is quiet keen to keep giving him kisses at the moment.
He is settled into our little (OK BIG) Family nicely now and its like we have always been a happy family of 7.
Here is our family! as you can tell its not easy to get a nice pic of us all looking at the camera. But this is the best we have and little Kian was a few days old so is already a lot bigger then this.
We are on the holidays at the moe so have been busy busy!! We went to Silverstone this weekend for World Renault Series! It was a great weekend. Lots for all the family to do. Lee and Caitlin loved the racing but the other girls were not as fussed - they did enjoy the bouncy castle!!
We also managed to park up near the balloon festival and watch lots of hot air balloons taking off - which the girls loved as most years we watch from the bed room window and they can see them all far away so it was great to be so close to them. They loved it that as we were driving away we all spotted a Cadbury cream egg one which was the shape of the egg and looked exactly like one and found it so funny that there daddy missed it!!
Ryan is nearly walking - well he pulls himself up at the sofa etc and can walk along it. He just needs to build up his confidence to let go now! He crawls around like a speedy one. He can also say a few words now - his fav at the weekend was 'car' at all the different cars we saw.
Freya is talking a lot more now and is still a little monkey! She can be a right cheeky one at time but is such a cutie as well. She likes to get up to mischief all the time and is always climbing all over the sofa no matter how many times I say not too and she also likes to draw all over her body..... She was all green today as that's the colour of choice for today.
Bethany is ready to start school in Sept - she is very very excited about it but I don't think she knows that means no more preschool :( She missed the last week as she had chicken pox's (all 5 had them at the same time was madness!lol) So she didn't get to say good bye and have the leavers do. She is sooo grown up now. She loves to try and be as big as her big sister and be able to do all the thing she can do. She is trying to learn to ride her bike on her own at the moe. Its taking a bit of practise (and lots of achy backs from me :) ) But I'm sure she will get there soon.
Caitlin is sooooo grown up! She is very much into her football and Formula one - so she loved the weekend and getting to see and hear a real F1 car whizzing around Silverstone. She does her football training with Lee twice a week and has also played in a good few matches! It is her birthday next mth - 8!!!! Where does the time go. She is also just getting into her music and who is in the charts etc so we are going to get her a MP3 player with a little docking station so that she can play her music - I'm sure we will all have lots of dancing around the living room :)
Well I have been doing this post till far to late!! I'm sure little Kian will be up for a feed soon.