Saturday, 10 September 2011

Our BIG girl Bethany starts big school....

Well we now have two school girls! I cant believe our little Bethany has now started big school!!! She seems to love it. She looks a little startled in this pic :)

I think she loves that now she is like her big sister. They go for half a day for a while which I think is good for her and is letting her settle in well before they get completly tired out from full days.
They do have a school trip soon which will be a full day and she is soooo excited to be going on a big coach like Caitlin does.

The girls have been away last night and today with there nanny and grandad. They went to Drayton manor they had a great time! But were a little frightened of a couple of the rides. They really enjoyed seeing the animals and some of the smaller rides but there is one ride which they keep going on about how scary it was!! Bless them.
Me Lee and the boys have had a quiet time - and it really seemed quiet without our girls around! Last night we went for a aroma which was very yummy and we both felt very full after as its all you can eat chinesse. Today we went shopping to try and get me some new clothes.....but didnt come home with any!! I have got 'zumba' on the Wii which is ment to be good. I have zero coordination so Im guessing Lee had a good laugh when I tried it out earlier!!!

We have also recently brought a new camera - its this one . So we have lots of lovely new photos of the kids!! So thought I would pop some up on here. Just because I love piccies of my kiddies.

 My very Cheeky looking Freya :) Who is just such a sweetie in this pic.
 Ryan being a cutie playing in the hall (and causing mayhem as they all do!)

Well looks like thats all I can add tonight as my computer has decided its had enough!! Wanted to pop some more pics on so will try and get some more of the bigger girls on tomorrow. We are having a nice quiet day in the house tomorrow as I think the girls need it after there busy busy day Caitlin and Lee want to watch the Grand Prix (and shhh dont tell them but so do I :) )

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