Saturday, 7 January 2012

Happy New Year!!

2012!!! How did 2011 pass sooooo quick!!!

Well we have all had a LOVELY Christmas :) The kids were so excited about Santa coming. Their little faces in the morning were great!! They have been very lucky and got lots of lovely presents. This was the first year Freya has really understood and got all excited about it. Ryan was still too little to understand before the day and all the lead up but he loved opening his presents and playing with his new toys. Kian loved playing with all the wrapping paper and trying to eat it :)
I fear its Caitlin's last Christmas when she believes in Santa. She has been asking lots of questions and has said lots of people at school have said he isn't real etc. Will have to see what she says and judge when is the right time to tell her - before she tells Bethany and Freya!

We enjoyed the family time spent around Christmas time. We went to my Mums and Phil's on Boxing day! Was a lovely day. The kids loved it and we had some yummy food as always when we go to mums.
On the Wednesday Pauline, Dave, Nick and Harry came to see us. The kids love having Harry over to play!! We had loads of Nerf bullets flying up and down the hallway!! I'm not sure who enjoyed it more though - the kids or Lee and Nick!!
Thursday we had a quiet day playing with toys till about 5pm when we went over to the Farm to see more Family. Its so nice going to see my nan and grandad. The kids love it as there is so many people to talk to and they like getting my younger cousins to play with them!!
Over all they got so many toys, books and cloths they have all been very lucky!! 

At New Year we went to Pauline and Dave's and stayed the night. Little Ryan didn't want to miss the fun and ended up staying up AFTER midnight. We also woke up Caitlin and Bethany to come down and see the New Year in and watch the fireworks on the TV. They loved it! New Years day we stay for a lovely roast and the kids got to play some more.
It was also Dads birthday but he was away with Val so only got to speak on the phone. He sounded like he had a lovely time away.

We have also had Bethany's Birthday!!! Can you believe she is now FIVE!! Five years old!!! She is getting so big (and also shows how bad I am at updating this blog as she had her 3rd birthday only about 10 posts ago!!lol) She had a lovely day. Nanny Pauline came down in the afternoon and picked her up from school which was a great surprise for her. Then in the evening we had Mum, Phil, Dad and Val over and had some cake and MORE presents :)

Tomorrow is her Party she is having it at a soft play area and is very excited about it all!!

Will try and update this again soon and add some pics of how the kiddies are getting on xx

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