Thursday, 25 August 2011

A day of a few 1st's

Well today has been a quiet in the house day! The kids were tired so we just stayed in and played all day :)
Freya decided that today she didn't want a nappy on and wanted to run around naked all afternoon!! Bless her. So I went with it and told her where the potty was etc. She kept running and sitting on the potty and then running away again but one time this afternoon she did a wee!! She was soooo happy with herself lol. So maybe its the start of the potty :) Which is great - but will be a sad day when it comes to getting rid of all the pretty pink nappies.
Kian had his first bath in the big bath with his sisters tonight!! HE loved it and was looking at Bethany and Freya all the time! So much better then the screaming I still get every time I try and give Ryan a bath!!
Caitlin and Lee did go to football training this evening. Which Caitlin really enjoyed especially as she got the trophy for the week as she was playing well.
Plan for tomorrow is the park and a picnic so lets hope the weather holds out......

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