Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Larger Family Life.

I love having my big family! I love that my house is always full of happiness as well as all the noise! I have always thought I would love kids since I was a little girl and thought that I would like to have a few children. Lee is one of 2 kids and he always thought that's what he would like so said when I was pregnant with no2 that he was happy to stop there - but as soon as Bethany was born we soon both realised that we wanted more children! We soon started ttc again and fell pregnant very quickly - But unfortunately it ended in another miscarriage. Ive been pregnant 8 times and have been unlucky to have 3 miscarriages. They really do change your whole outlook on children and how lucky you are to be able to have them.
Most people that I know think we are mad and why do we have so many kids so close together - because we are blessed and very lucky to have them! So when I read about people who also have big families and how there thoughts and feelings on big families are the same as mine I get very excited :). Last night when I was reading some other peoples blogs I came across this Blog Which I spent ages reading. Really lovely to have the same views and to see a happy LARGE family. They have just released a new book which looks a fab read. I had a look on amazon and read up about the book and it looks a really good read! Tania is giving away one copy of their book and I would love to be able to have a read and look into their life's. If you fond yourself interested in looking into large family life's or you have a big family then her Blog is worth popping over too.

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