Monday, 19 October 2009

so so so bad :(

I am not very good at updating this!!! opps. i will try harder......

Anyway since i last updated we have started Weaning Freya - we are going for the Baby Led Weaning route. I am not going to stick to it 100% as sometimes I'm sure ill have to spoon feed her or something. She is doing sooo well has most things and does try them. She loves toast think its her fav at the moe. here is a pic of her making loads of mess and enjoying some chesse and bread....

Caitlin and Bethany are doing so well aswell. We went for a trip round the school today for Bethany starting school (!!!!!!! she is to small :) !!!!!!!!!!) Caitlin loved seeing us come to her class room and showing us what she was doing and Bethany loved running round the playground etc. I bet she will love school when she goes.

Bethany is getting really good with her talking now - she is such a cutie and a bossy one - shouting 'mummy talk to me' and cheeky hings like that.

The pregnancy is going well. I'm about 14 weeks now and we have booked a private scan for the 31st so that the girls can come along. Caitlin is so interested and wanted to come to the hospital one but they do not let kids in. It will be nice to see baby again. Hope its all going well.

sorted out how to add photos so will try and keep putting a few on here. Of to bed now as im sooo tired and the girls will be up early im sure x

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