Monday, 2 July 2012

Olympic Torch.

So today Caitlin and Bethany went with school to watch the Olympic torch go through our town :) They really enjoyed the morning and think standing for hours with their friends in the rain etc was fun for them (unsure why as I would have been a bit fed up :) ) Anyway It has really made them excited for the Olympics now and they cant wait to see it when it makes it to the stadium.

Beforehand the school and other schools in the cluster have arranged for a copy of the torch to be carried around all the schools in the area. The kids all got to stand in a row and all pass it between them. Then the youngest ( Bethany's good friend Elize) and oldest of the school took it down the road and it then went on to the next school - thought it was a nice idea. My Phone decided to play up and run out of battery so unfortunately I didn't get many photos!! Just the one photo, Which you can just spot Caitlin waiting with her friends.......

The day must have been a busy one and took it out of Ryan as this is how I found him while I was making dinner - I thought he was being rather quiet :) Bless him.

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