Saturday, 14 September 2013

Our summer of fun!

The kids are back at school now and the summer holidays seem a distant past :( So thought I would do a little update of a few things we have been up to over the holidays. Sorry for the over load of pictures :)

We had a few trips to different country parks.  Kian and Ryan can make a gun out if anything!

A trip or two to our local park and a few goes on the skateboard ramp - which resulted in lots of splinters!!!
 A camping trip in our new tent!! We went to Hemsby for the night so the kids had to have a trip into town and go on the cars and play on the 2p machines.  Which was enjoyed by all. We hope that we will be able to get away lots in the tent next summer.

We had a trip to the farm to see grandad on his combine.  The kids all love seeing the combine but Kian and Freya didn't want a ride on it so stayed with me and we say in the tractor.  Kian must have enjoyed it and he looks a bit tired out!  The kids love climbing in all the corn and rolling back down again!

More parks :)

A trip to the farm to pay in the paddling pool and the bigger two girls had some fun playing badminton. 

A day trip to the sea side!  The kids enjoyed having their dinner in the dolphin.  Also of course another trip to a park!

Fairing and Bethany also had a trip to watch Saints play Rugby.  They met the mascot at half time.  Caitlin also had a day trip to London and a trip to watch Spurs pay.  

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