Sunday, 3 January 2010

Left it ages again... :(

Once again i have left it so long before updating my blog....
Well its a new year and i will really try to make a better start at updating the blog.

We had a lovely Christmas!! The girls loved it and they got so many lovely toys. I am still trying to find new homes for them all! Me and Lee also got lots of nice things. We also had asked for home base voucher so we can do some much needed house improvements, so Lee has been busy putting some new flooring down in the kitchen and hallway. It is looking really nice so far and i cant wait for it to be finished, we have also ordered some tiles so hope they can be done sometime before feb....

Caitlin is back at school tomorrow and says she doesn't want to go - she seems to be like this for the first few days and then is back to loving it so I'm sure it will settle down. She got some paint by numbers for Christmas and has been really enjoying doing them, they have turned out really well, and even daddy joined in and done one with her which she loved!! Her favorite game to play with has been the jenga like game from tesco called 'stack em' which she is getting really good at!
On Tuesday it is Bethany's birthday, she is really looking forward to it and cant wait - Bless her! She keeps singing happy birthday to herself. She loves the dolls house that the girls got as a joint present and has been playing lots with this over the last few days. Tomorrow I am going to have to move it up to the bedroom so i guess she will be up there playing a lot more from now on.
Freya is crawling!! Well she can do a little commando style craw but gets around where she wants! I really want to get it on video before she learns how to do it properly....
They all stayed at Nanny's last night as we went to my dads 50th birthday party. We had a good time and Lee had a few drinks - think he loves me being the taxi driver all the time as it saves on all the who is driving conversations we noticed all the other couples having :) - He will have to make up for all the driving one day though..
On new years day we went for a meal with dad and my nan and grandad, it was really nice to be able to do something with the girls for dads birthday as well as the party. They were really well behaved until the end when poor Freya had had enough and just wanted to sleep so cried lots!

Will try and upload some photos more updated photos later of the girls.

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