Tuesday, 5 January 2010

We have had a lovely day today. Bethany has had a lovely birthday and its the first year she knows its all about her today :)
Have put on some photos of her day (for some reason i cant move then about or anything??Will work that another time) So first is her blowing out her candles and then a pic of the cake I made for her - she helped a little with the mixing and most importantly the licking the bowls :) And then there is one of her opening her presents and one of her 'reading' her card. She really seemed to enjoy her day (and I really hope she did!) She wanted some pizza for dinner - so we did some homemade ones and she loved making them - even if she did still only eat the topping.... Her Grandad (Phil) popped round to give her one of her presents and to see her on her birthday which was lovely. Tomorrow my dad is coming round and at the weekend she has a party and then some more family coming to see her. So a fun packed few days. Which is good as the last thing she said tonight was 'i am going to have lots of days as my birthday mummy'.....
Freya is on the move now - still not proper crawling but she can get where she wants and doesn't let it stop her.
We also have the new flooring down in the kitchen and hallway now - so can have my kitchen back :) For a few weeks before the tiles need doing.......

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