Monday, 25 January 2010

Well its been a while so I thought I better do a little update.
Here are some pictures of Freya enjoying her first bit of chocolate pudding!! As you can see she LOVED it!! Bless her.

Last weekend the Girls wanted to stay in and enjoy a Teddy bears picnic in there pj's. So that's what we did -

The living room was covered in all their little Teddy's and we all enjoyed some picnic foods. It was Good fun.
The pregnancy is coming along well - just the normal aches and pains :). The car is in the Garage at the moment and is costing £270 to get a new starter motor! So I have set myself a little challenge of trying to sell things on ebay to help pay for this....will see how I get on. Also trying to earn some extra to cover for when Lee will have some time of when we have the baby. So far I'm on £10.88 so got a way to go :)

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  1. How funny is that piccie of Freya, bless.
    And next time you have a PJ tea party I want an invite!
    x x x